Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally! Published! (again) Where?

It turns out, working in my current position as an editor, I also am taking care of the uploading of the files and account management. And with so many accounts - Wow! How to keep them all straight!

First, there is Amazon Kindle. Sure - that's easy enough. The Kindle is the reason we went with e-publishing in the first place. But.....

If we're going to publish there, we should probably publish to Barnes and Noble's Nook because we have family with one of those.

And why stop there?

Smashwords looks like a viable candidate so I've spent time there learning, uploading, editing, re-uploading, [repeat], and finally, having Sweetwater Springs published there.

But there seems to be *S*O* *M*A*N*Y options out there that I fear I'm going to need a spreadsheet just to try and keep track of them. I wonder how others have done it?

So now Sweetwater Springs is available on Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and almost everywhere smashwords sends it as well.

Where else should I be looking to keep things diversified and moving? Does anyone have suggestions?

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