Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finished another run-through on Sweetwater Springs.

Last night I finished yet another editing run-through on Sweetwater Springs, and I have to say, again, it really is a great story. Sure, sure - claim bias, but in reality, the story is a classic romance with a strong climax. Now, normally, these types of stories I wouldn't dare read - I'm just not the 'romance' type, but since I had to read this over and over again - I found it to be very good.

It's interesting as you read through a manuscript with an objective to edit the faults, I found myself getting caught up in the story and failing, at times, to actually do any editing. I'd find myself at points telling myself to stop, go back, and read it again because I was sure that it was just flowing under the bridge without me actually watching. And sure enough - I'd go back and sometimes find errors or omissions that would need some type of adjustment.

And now, having finished it again, I'm concerned that there are still edits to be done. So, having now passed it off to my wife to do the edits on sections that aren't clear, don't flow, or aren't 'just right', she will get it back to me and I'll need to go through it again.

Of course, these are probably the hundredth+ times I've been through this book and the edits are coming fewer and further between.

There is something of an urgency, though, to get through it this time. A need to get it done and ready to go. I'll tell you what happened on our first attempt at uploading to Kindle some time later. Let's just say there was a problem, and these edits will fix that problem.

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