Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First blog post as an editor

I've decided to start this new blog to reference some of the things I am learning about being (becoming?) an editor. I'm nothing official, but I've always had a knack for catching mistakes in print. And now I get the chance to do it more.

Let me explain a little first.

#1 - I'm not really an editor. I just know a little about writing copy and catching mistakes.

#2 - I'm keen to spelling errors, grammer, punctuation, and - since I'm doing that anyway, I also catch plot errors and make suggestions for twists and turns to characters.

#3 - Most importantly - I can't write a novel! Not even a little bit.

#4 - My wife writes Historical Fiction under the name Alex Taylor Wolfe. You can visit her on her Webpage, Blog, and her Twitter Account. You will also be able to find her on the Amazon Kindle, and at Barnes and Nobel's Nook.

#5 - I've spent countless hours editing her novel, Sweetwater Springs, getting to know her characters Katie and Tyler.

It's not just novels I edit - I notice errors in all kinds of prints. On my drive to work everyday, I notice a reader board for a local company that has the letter 'N' backwards. Not good.

So now, in mostly rambling, barely-coherent, and sometimes purposefully misspelled words, I'm going to post about the things I have learned, am learning and will continue to learn about when it comes to editing. Mostly, editing novels for e-publishing.

Go ahead - bookmark this page. I'll let you.

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