Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Print Publishing is tough to get into.

Several years ago, my wife came home from a trip with an idea to write a book. A fiction novel. She got hard into it and built it to a nearly finished manuscript. But then decided to write something different. Many years later, Sweetwater Springs was ready to go. After hundreds of query letters and the same number of rejections, she got a full manuscript request from Avalon. 12 months and 2 weeks later she got the rejection from them as well.

That's tough. This is not my story, I've not invested my creative mind into this book, so the rejections are obviously much easier on me than it is on her. But I know that after so much hard work, it's tough on her to see her story go unpublished.

So while reading about getting print-published I came across a guest blog post by John Locke on Joe Konraths blog. As many in the publishing world now know, John Locke is the first self-published author to sell 1 Million ebooks on Amazon's Kindle.

I had previously talked to my wife about publishing Sweetwater Springs to Kindle, maybe 6 months to a year ago. But as many authors feel, she wanted to see the printed book. Now, some time later, and after a heart-breaking number of rejections from print publishers, she has a bit more opened mind about e-publishing.

Print Publishing vs e-publishing. We tried the first, followed the rules, worked hard, and now will go with the second.

Our first attempt didn't go well.

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